Jun 30, 2009

Eschatology Matters - Gary DeMar

In my view, if we don't begin to confront the current most prevelent eschatological paradigm (dispensational premillennialism), I believe our culture will continue to slip further into the moral morrass in which we find ourselves today. We are almost 40 years removed from Lindseys "Late Great Planet Earth" and it seems apparent that at least in part, Lindsey's view has become a propheteic inevitabilty. Many see the declining conditions, both economic and moral, as a prophetic fulfillment, but I believe it is nothing more than a self-fulfiilling prophecy based upon poorly crafted theology. Please consider Gary's thoughts!

Gary DeMar's American Vision is, in my opinion, the foremost Christian organization attempting to bring the salt and light of the Gospel to the world. In Gary's efforts to do this he has encountered eschatological presuppositions that he believes run contrary to those efforts. Although eschatology is not a foundational issue within our faith, it truly is the driving force behind our expectations. Sadly, Gary believes, as do I, that these expectations do not line up with God's Word and are hamstringing our efforts to be ambassadors of Christ.

Jun 24, 2009

The Sky Angel Cowboy

This is truly a wonderful story of the power and simplicity of the Gospel. Meet Logan the Sky Angel. You will be blessed by this young boy's clarity of faith.

Jun 5, 2009

Phenom Bryce Harper - Product of Evolution?

I realize many phenoms never make it to the grand stage. Arrogance, injury or any number of things keep some of the most talented young men and women from being all they were designed to be.

Nevada's Bryce Harper is the most impressive baseball talent I've ever seen, especially at such a young age (16). Near the advent of his sophomore season, during the national prep home run derby at Tropicana Field in Tampa, he won the contest with a 502 foot blast that would have orbited Yankee Stadium! Given the way mere pop-ups are flying into the cheap seats, it may have found its rest in Fenway Park! And it was no fluke. He had a number of moon shots that registered over the 475' mark, and was the only participant to hit an oppo bomb.

I reject the hyped titles like "Chosen One", "Child Prodigy" etc. but there's a definite attraction to those who are at the extreme end of the bell curve. So although I am to a degree aiding in this kind of idol infatuation, I thought it worth the risk and put this boy's skill in perspective...the fact is that this young man is not a product of chaotic evolutionary chance, where the genetic tumblers mutated to create the perfect baseball specimen. Bryce Harper has been fearfully and wonderfully made by the Grand Designer, and it's always refreshing for those who have been given such talent to recognize the origin of their gift.

If you'd like to read a little bit more about this amazing young talent, the following articles augment the above video. I must say, the accompanying music's a bit annoying but what you witness will overcome the sound. Seeing is believing, well except for the contrived and manipulated Chris Angel videos pawned as real. :)

Brycepunches his ticket to Cooperstown at age 16
VegasHigh Schooler Makes Powerful Impression

Where does all lead? I hope, if this boy has not already realized it, that he comes to understand he has a special talent that has been bestowed upon him by His Creator. Surely diligence has played a role in his development, but you don't hit towering 200' plus Little League homers at the age of 7 purely by an effective exercise regimen and a ton of bp.

Why have I chosen to highlight something that seems to have very little spiritual relevance? I believe these kinds of anomalies point to the existence of a Master Designer. Eric Liddell of Chariots of Fire fame aptly stated, "I believe that God made me for a purpose...but He also made me fast, and when I run, I feel His pleasure."

My hope is that Bryce soon begins to "feel His pleasure" when he hits a towering blast. Just as Tim Tebow, the freakish Heisman Trophy winning UF football specimen recognizes His God-given abilities, I pray that Bryan Harper also names of the name of Christ and spreads the Gospel throughout the world.